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The Museum Curator has chosen the Museum’s first acquisition, the Bicentennial Quilt, for this month. 


The Bicentennial Quilt was made in 1976 by ladies from the Oakhurst PTA under the leadership of  
Terry Patterson Freeman. It was designed to depict the history, landmarks, and natural areas of Ocean Township.  The newly formed Township of Ocean Historical Museum acquired the quilt in 1983.

Background Information

Volunteer quilters designed and stitched pictorial squares with themes depicting change and progress in three sections of Ocean Township: Oakhurst, Wayside, and Wanamassa.  The squares were sewn together to create a mosaic of the township’s history from farming to the Deal Test Site and the newly created Pool Complex.  The quilt was displayed around town and used in the

Museum’s third-grade teaching program. It is now reserved for special exhibits.  In 2011 the Museum celebrated its 35th anniversary and welcomed sixteen of the original quilters who came to view the historic artifact that they created.  Below is a complete list of the quilters and the titles of their patches. 

Quilting is still thriving at the museum and it is a significant part of fundraising.  The 33rd Museum quilt is currently in progress and will be auctioned off during the holiday season. Raffle tickets may be purchased at the Museum and at various museum events. If you are interested in viewing current quilting activities or in volunteering as a quilter, please go to the Volunteer link on the website for photos and additional information. 

The Quilt Creators

The Red Quilt is composed of 21 appliquéd squares and 21 quilted red squares.  The red squares have an Oak Leaf, Horses Head, or Indian Head representing the three areas of the Township - Oakhurst, Wayside and Wanamassa.  The appliquéd squares from left to right and top to bottom are; Deal Test Site (Betty Willms); Brinley Mill (Barbara Hoppin); Oak Tree - Oakhurst ( Nancy Sproat); Winter Fun (Janice Heirs); Horse Farms in Oakhurst and Wayside ( Angie Mazza); Pool Complex (Lois Landis); Farming Heritage 

(Terry Patterson); Chief Wanamassa and Gavin Drummond (Gini Montedoro); Oakhurst School ( Judy Hansen); Town Hall (Lila Preszler); Township Seal (Ann Stiles); Boating Regattas on Deal Lake (Marge Edelson); Little League ( Barbara Gilham); Original Township Boundaries ( Judy Smith); Wayside Church (Karen Dehaenen); Spring Fields and Flowers ( Pat Grasso); Wild Life (Carol Tertsagian); Blacksmith Shop (Peggy Dellinger); Roadside Produce Stand (Mary Ann Olsen); Toll Road (Rosemary Gregory); Oakhurst Fire Co. (Joan McGrath).